(Starkland 217)

Target Cover



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1) 2

Performed by Either/Or (Jennifer Choi and David Shively)

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2) Zones d’accord

Performed by Either/Or (Alex Waterman)

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3-7) Target

Performed by Laurie Rubin and the California EAR Unit

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8) Resonance Alloy

Performed by Either/Or (David Shively)

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“Approachable and mesmerizing… captivating and engrossing.”


“A sound world in which music emerges unexpectedly out of violent textures, gestures and cries.”


New Music Box:
“delivers a whollop of powerful emotional content… the recording is of excellent quality.”


Chamber Musician Today:
“A composer that is destined for greatness, and this recording is proof of that.”

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